FL Keys 1st MotorcycleRidingSchool, LLC

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 Join us in the fabulous Florida Keys for a FUN, EASY and SAFE way to learn to
ride safely on a motorcycle here in the Florida Keys (a.k.a. Paradise
) &
               RIDE the RIGHT  way - SAFE sm

FL Keys 1st Motorcycle Riding School - the only MC Training Program in Monroe County.

We are licensed and approved by the Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP) under the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehivles (DHSMV) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).  MSF has provided standards for rider education , training and safety improvements since 1973.

WHERE: FL Keys 1st Motorcycle Riding School (MRS) is located in Marathon, FL Keys, Monroe County and dedicated to provide a safe, professional and competitive training experience to all riders. Novice and experienced riders alike.
To provide a stress free, low risk, safe and enjoyable learning experience.  Teach you a safe way to ride a motorcycle and give you the skills to do so.  Provide the opportunity for experienced riders to improve their riding skills.

Make Florida roads and highways a safe place to ride and have motorcyclists be part of the motoring community without undo risks. Let all participants on the highways "share" the road. Be cognizant and considerate of each other.
Do you want to have fun and  LEARN to RIDE ?! 
Learn more about yourself, your bike and meet like minded folks from all walks of life??  Come see us! Call                                             
                                  305 - 394 - 5085
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